Sunday, September 16, 2012

Powdering my nose...

Here's the first of many room reveals...Its not a biggie, but rather one of the three 'little rooms' in our new home.

Presenting............ the Powder Room!

Cabinetry is New Graphite Laminex with Contour Edge. 
Benchtop is Ice Snow Caesarstone.

Lovely orchids from local florist
Gorgeous Glasshouse candle - Amalfi Coast.
Orrefors Bowl that I have had for years and fits in so well.

Vito Bertoni "Vito" wall mount tap set.
Fowler Regent semi inset basin
Divine Aesop hand wash and moisturising balm
(Cam said to me before he was unsure which one to use and he just wanted the bottle to say "Soap" LOL!!!!)

PLUS... A cute little hand towel I picked up for a song at Turner and Lane in South Yarra.

Fowler Regent Toilet Suite with all important soft close mechanism. I'm hoping the novelty of the soft close will be incentive for my boys to put the toilet seat down.

More soon, we promise. We are waiting for a few more things for the dining/kitchen and then we will reveal them in all their glory :)

Kirst xxx

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving with the times...

Hiya peeps, we are still here. 

We moved into our place on Monday and it has been absolute chaos. 

We are nearly finished cleaning the rental we were in, the landscapers are working on the front and side retaining walls and half of the house is unpacked.

It has been a flurry of activity and we are loving the new house so far!

Stay tuned for some photos in the next few days...


Monday, September 3, 2012

Jingle Jangle...

Is that a key in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me?

This afternoon, 20 months after we began this blog and 343 days since site start, we finally got the keys to our new Metricon HOME!

There is still a bit of rubbish on site that is being cleaned up tomorrow. Along with a leaky connection to the hot water service also being fixed first thing tomorrow. But overall the quality of the house is really good.

Like everyone else, here is the little gift we got from Metricon.

It is finally OURS!!!

We are planning on moving next Monday. Landscapers start tomorrow. This week will be a flurry of deliveries, our own tradies, cleaning (the builders clean is pretty lame) and packing up the rental.

So busy but so exciting! Tonight we are off to celebrate with Pizza and gear up for Lachie's operation tomorrow, he requested Pizza as his last meal before fasting. Wish us well!

Kirst and Cam