Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being assured of the quality...

I'm happy to report that the house got a great report card last Friday when QA took place. There were mainly painting defects to be corrected, a new microwave as the old one had dents and a dodgy button and a few other bits and bobs. Its interesting how much stuff they don't pick up so don't rely on them only to be comprehensive!

A new front door is being installed early next week and then it will be painted. What happened to the old one? Wellllll... remember about 7-8 weeks ago I mentioned that the wrong door handle had been installed. A new door handle was ordered and was on site in the kitchen cupboard by June 20. It has taken our SS 7 weeks to check to see if it fits (it doesn't and we told him all along the screw holes wouldn't match up!) and now a new door needs to be used and repainted. Begs the question why they a). couldnt get it right the first time? and b). took so long to get it fixed?

Anyway enough about that.

Earlier today we sent our SS a list of things that we know need to be fixed. We did this so to negate the need to get tradies out again after QA and hopefully try to get to handover quicker.

Here is the list...

Items previously discussed over the past few months,
·      Rear garage door locks required incl flush bolt,
·        Garage expansion joints are messy and look poor. 
·        Gas meter needs to be lowered,
·        Flashing on top of brick work of fire box needs to be completed – inspection report dated 5 April.
·         Portico, LH and RH sides (cladding areas) needs to be painted,
·         Portico, a hole exists behind downpipe,
·         Front door and handles,
·         Dining room window has a drill hole through the aluminium?,
·         Both baths need pop-up wastes,
·         Upstairs bathroom door needs replacement,
·         Upstairs bathroom door frame paint needs to be redone,
·         Ensuite (LHS) basin leaks,
·         Carpet lines and joins to be explored,

A few items We’ve noticed recently that we have not discussed,
·       Exterior needs to be cleaned – especially down LHS, windows around fire box,
·         Laundry cabinets to be checked for damage, post plumbing issue leading to damage to flooring,
·         Plaster join in stairwell needs to be cleaned up.

I am sure that we will see more things when we have PCI. But fingers crossed we wont! Here's the schedule going forward...

Our follow up QA to be next Thursday 9th or Friday 10th.

Our PCI is booked in for Monday 13th. We have booked in our Independent Inspector to assist us.

He say he is confident we can have keys by month end. I bloody hope so!!!!



  1. Hope the issues get sorted quickly. No more idle time!! They really do need to assign project coordinators to assist the SS with booking and chasing trades at this end of the build - they're spread way too thin to chase trades for the final stage across all their jobs. :(

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