Monday, July 2, 2012

Inching closer...

Last week painting was touched up for the 4th or 5th time. The plumbing was also completed. Our SS is on annual leave this week but he has still scheduled the following to occur in preparation for QA.

·         Cook Top in,
·         Drains all connected,
·         Fire surround installed
·         Bamboo Floorboards to be installed again.
·         New front door handle installed,
·         Renderers back to fix up the fa├žade.

QA booked for Friday 6th if all above done, if not then it will be pushed til Mon 9th/Tues 10th.

Depending on what they find we could have PCI the following week and Handover not long after, perhaps before the end of July. WOOT WOOT!

In the meantime, I'm trying to organise the lovely ladies at Victory Curtains and Blinds to come and measure and quote for blinds. I'm thinking of the following in the main bedroom and sitting room surrounding the Jetmaster.

Source: Houzz -

Source: Houzz - 

I also purchased the following digital photo print from an art auction Breast Cancer Fundraiser last friday night. Not sure where I am going to put it, but I really loved it.



  1. Hope you get PCI on the 6th! Will keep my fingers crossed.

    I have got white sheer ripple folds floor to ceiling & wall to wall in our master bedroom from Victory. They get installed Friday so I'll post some pics on the weekend for you to see if you like them :)


    1. ooooh i look forward to seeing them insitu!

      Hope you have been having fun in the new house.

  2. How exciting for you guys! Fingers crossed there is not too much to fix up after the bad luck you've had recently! Love those sheer curtains!

    1. Thanks Em. I have everything crossed for smooth sailing :)

  3. Hey Kirsten
    Congrats on your progress. I too have my QA this Friday - how uncanny! ;-)
    Have everything completed except some grouting and cooker needs to go in as well as hot water system. They prefer to wait until the very last minute to install those as they tend to go walkabout!
    I see you use Houzz for inspiration as well! Great site. Do you have the App version? I love the print too by the way.
    Well good luck with those few remaining items. Hopefully they will all be sorted in time so you won't have to postpone Fridays appointment. So exciting!

    1. Hi Jo, your house is flying along. I just saw your last post where they have you booked in for handover already. Our SS is being very coy about dates so apart from Friday's potential QA, all our other dates are speculative and dependent on how much stuff we and our independent inspector pick up at PCI... we shall see!


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