Friday, June 15, 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water...

The water ruins your beautiful bamboo flooring!

I drove past the house on my way home last night and it was open. I took the opportunity to go and see if any of the work planned has been completed.

I'm glad I went in, the cleaners had been and I must have just missed them judging from the still wet tiled floors. Well, that and the water damaged, squelchy bamboo floors in the hallway.

How absolutely devastating! They boards are lifting in a few places. See the photos below.

So Cam rang our SS only to be told that "it was very unlikely that it was the case". aka your wife is a liar! Hows that for good customer service?!? So Cam himself stopped into take these photos and we sent a rather curt email to our SS, CM and CSC last night informing them of the issue and supplying the above photos.

Very early this morning we go an email from the SS saying he was on his way to investigate. A phone call from him later this morning confirmed that what was "very unlikely the case" what actually well and truly the case. 

Cut a long story short, the cleaners deny culpability, there was no other trades in the house since our SS visited a few days ago and a substantial part of the floor will have to be replaced. This will add a week or so to our build which is really disappointing.

a very tired and over it Kirst xxx


  1. Ay caramba! Does this mean that the ends of the bamboo floorboards were not sealed when laid?

    Our SM asked us if we want the cartons (covering the floorboards) to remain covering the floorboards when we do our walk through (someday). And I told him to take them off then clean, roll & stow them somewhere before we do our walk through (someday). We would like to see the quality and finish of the floorboards on the day and not after handover (or after we move in and drag furnitures around).

    This is exactly what we would like to avoid. Hopefully they'll replace the floorboards rather than just drying them. Good to have these pictures as evidence.

    All the best.

    1. Apparently they are going to replace the damaged boards as they are so damaged they cant be saved. It does mean that the whole floor from one end must come up given the damage is right in the middle of the house :(

      According to our contract the thin cardboard protecting the boards should have stayed down until handover. We will hopefully have a good look at the replaced boards before they lay the cardboard over top again.

      You guys must be pretty close to a walk through - fingers crossed!

  2. Oh no, it must have taken a fair amount of water to cause that kind of damage! What on earth were the cleaners doing??????

    I hope they can manage to get the replacements done quickly.


    1. Hi M, all getting fixed this week we think. No one has owned up to the damage but most likely a bucket has been knocked over. Kirst

  3. Heh. What would you know right? Unbelieveable.. actually, not so much, when I think back to my SS! Who, is actually no longer with the company, no surprises there!

    They must've dumped a whole bucket of water on the boards to cause that damage!! I had the same boards in my old house and was always careful not to use too wet a mop on them etc.

    Hope they sort it out ASAP..

    1. Hi Shayne, all getting sorted this week, we believe. I reckon it must have been a WHOLE bucket of water. At least we now know what not to do when we move in :)

  4. Nooooooooo!!!!

    How devastating :( and frustrating :(

    Hope they get on to it real soon!


    1. I kow B, i was absolutely gutted :) fingers crossed for a swift recovery...

  5. Oh no! Hope the floor repair is seamless. They haven't mopped our floor yet - this has me worried! Who puts that much water on a wooden floor?! Have their cleaners only ever cleaned tiles?!! Makes me wonder if they had an accident & knocked a bucket over. Surely it wasn't a conscious decision to drown the floor!


    1. Hi Nat, how are things going? Hope you are managing some sleep with the wee fellow!

      I don't think they actually mopped the floor but rather spilled a whole bucket on it by accident. Either way the cleaners aren't owning up as it would mean that they would have to pay for the damage.

      How is your place going? you must be nearly there??!!?


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