Friday, May 18, 2012

Now we're cooking with gas...

Well not actually with gas, but rather electricity.

What a great surprise to see that the range hood, oven and microwave/grill have been installed :)

I am loving the nice wide oven and I'm glad I got the extra storage drawer underneath as I think it really makes it look better. We also upgraded to an oven that is fitted. I dislike the gaps that you get on either side of the free-standing ones.

Likewise, I love the sleek integrated hidden range hood. Its so hidden, I didn't even realise it had been installed! I think the hidden range hoods look better and are easier to maintain. We had an exposed canopy stainless steel range hood in our last home (great kitchen, designed and installed by Impala) and it was a bugger to keep clean.

The microwave will be an interesting one. We didn't stray too far from the standard Baumatic range. I'm not sure the quality is there but we shall see. We can always upgrade them in a few years.

The gas cook top is yet to be delivered and installed.

Our lovely Jetmaster has also been installed except for the stainless steel flange. We have a funny feeling that the hole may have been cut too big? We shall see...

Other things that have been happening include

  • Tiler came back to finish the grouting and as I turned up just as he was getting started so I also showed him a section in the powder room that have slipped and he was all too happy to fix it up for me. It was so lovely to meet such a great tradesman who takes great pride in his work. I am soooo pleased with the excellent job our tilers have done!! I told him so and he was chuffed...
  • Plasterers have been back to patch and fix a few walls/joins.
  • Painter was supposed to come back to finish painting the front fa├žade (HOPE YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE BIG RED REVEAL!), outdoor room and touch up inside. I wanted to discuss with them about painting the bottom part of the stairs under the big window back in the lighter wall colour rather than the dark colour in the stairwell. It has been on my mind for sometime. I didn't ask for it to be painted dark and I really dislike it every time I walk the stairs. Anyway, I haven't been able to catch up with the painter because he has never shown up!
  • Cam has organised Gas and Electricity connections and the gas meter is coming to be installed in the next week or so.
  • Our lovely Bamboo timber floors were supposed to be installed starting yesterday. Cam and I met with a landscaper on site this morning and so signs of any timber floors as yet.
  • Finally, the carpet is to be laid on Monday.
Lots going on, but such small steps. its really impossible to even fathom that we are not too far away from finishing.

ps. We just ordered one of these lovely TV units for the lounge from Nick Scali's 30% off sale that finished last Sunday. What a lovely way to spend Mothers Day last week. Shopping for furniture and lunch at Ikea. I was one happy Mummy! :)


  1. We've got the same microwave, but installed under our bench. It's a real fingerprint magnet - so good luck! We don't find it easy to use and it's hard to see inside. Luckily we don't use it much. We included provision for a 460mm space in our MV tower and we installed an LG SolarDOM builtin oven. We use that mainly and it's fantastic.


  2. Looking good!
    I like the wide ovens too, but we decided on two 600mm instead :)
    Also getting the Jetmaster so let us know how you find it!

  3. The microwave is such a pain. Next time you are there, open it up and try to figure out how you are going to cook something for 5minutes? You will be just as confused as I was. And when you need to, you're going to have to repeatidly be pressing a button just to get up the the time selection.

    Everything needs cleaning, no matter how clean you think it will be. The display homes never use the appliances, that's why they look good. You can imagine what a shower is going to look like after a year or so.

  4. Looking awesome, guys! I too had a great tradie experience this week (offset by numerous bad tradie experiences this week), and it is lovely to see someone take so much pride in their work. Yay for your tiler!!!


  5. Hi cam & kirsten,
    I am also building Nolan 45 with M.
    I am following your blog and thanks for some very important informations.
    I also came to know that u had some problem with water proofing which was corrected later. can you please let us know what was the problem because very soon it will be our turn.

    1. Hi Bala and Suma, thanks for following our blog. The problem we had with waterproofing is that Metricon tried to get away with only waterproofing the shower and around the bath. Whereas the building standards fro Victoria state that on the second storey of a home in the wet areas, the whole floor MUST be waterproofed unless stated otherwise in your contract. The main thing you should do is to check your contract to see if it says your home will be waterproofed only in the shower and bath upstairs. If it doesn't say this in your contract, then the building MUST waterproof the whole floor to meet building codes. Good luck.

    2. Thanks for the reply the information was very use full.
      I will follow it up with m.

  6. It's all looking fantastic guys!! Kitchen is really coming along! Dammit, it has been so long since I've had an upright cooker I had forgotten about the gaps down the sides, good thinking with getting them separate. The pot drawer really sets it off too. Home stretch!

  7. Good idea to have storage drawer under the oven.


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