Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Purchases!

Last Sunday morning we took a little trip over to the E & S Trading (a kitchen and bathroom appliance specialist here in Melbourne) Warehouse Sale. We had been told by a sales consultant at E & S mid last year that these warehouse sales were the best place to snap up a bargain and boy was she right!

Doors opened at 9am but we were running a little late and go there by 9:20am. There were hundreds of people there and by the time we got to where the dishwashers were all the semi-integrated Siemens dishwashers that we wanted were already sold. Boo Hoo! Most of the items were manufacturers seconds with cabinet damage. I didn't see one dent or damaged cabinet on any of the items at all so I suspect they are mainly at the back and sides. 

After wandering around a bit more I found a row of Bosch dishwashers (which are exactly the same company and factory as Siemens in Germany) which although they weren't as sleek as the Siemens, internally were identical! For $800 off the regular price, yes $800.. we decided that we could live with the difference especially since it will be semi integrated.

Additionally all of the Fisher and Paykel French Door Fridges were sold by the time we got there, but we decided to look at the them anyway and a F&P sales guy came over and told us that around the corner, the new model was also being sold discounted but they weren't in stock. 

Cut a long story short... we bought this beauty for $900 cheaper than the shops too and E & S will store it in their warehouse until we move in and then delivery and install it for the measly sum of $45.

Moral of the story folks... if in Melbourne and in need of great kitchen appliances, or bathroom ware go to e and s trading website and sign up to be reminded of their next warehouse sale in 6 months time. It was so worth it!

Very pleased with our little shopping trip!



  1. Nice work on the appliances, they'll look great in your new kitchen.

    Shopping, yay, the best part of the build besides moving in!

    Have fun filling that fridge!

    1. I'm looking forward to pooping some champagnes like the ones in the door ;)

  2. Ooooh I love the new fridge! totally want one of those. That is another one of the things I miss about Melbourne, the ability to get things like that at bargain prices, either I don't know where they are, or we don't have them up here in Bris :-(

    1. Hi Mel, Our fridge is on My Kitchen Rules I just noticed! I'm glad we live here too. I'm sure there are similar places up there in Brissy... you just need to find out where!

  3. That is one SEXY looking fridge!!!

    Good work!



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