Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stairway to Heaven???

How terribly cliche...

Well after a non-existent start to the week, it appears we had trades on-site on Thursday and Friday. Given the rate things are moving we probably shouldn't be expecting much else.

Last week we were told M had now contacted Jemena (gas installers) regarding the gas meter position. We had already found out they had been to site as they have notes on their system re: our property via our friend who works in this division at Jemena. The SS was awaiting confirmation of a site meeting with Jemena to discuss positioning of gas meter and our SS requested that we also attend as well. Well... that phone calls from our SS never came on Tuesday confirming the meeting for Thursday, nor did the call on Thursday, as to discussion while Jemena were onsite. So who knows what (if anything) happened. It was unlikely we could have attended a midday meeting (b/w 1 &3) anyway given we both have a prior arrangement commonly referred to as 'work'.

Anyway, the good news is that the 2 days of work completed this week included the removal of the temporary ladder/platform and the actual staircase went up on Thursday.

Our lovely stairs!!!!

Under the stairs storage.
The lovely stairwell window... 3m high!

Sitting room and stairs. Just need the Jetmaster in the middle... :)

Fixings materials were also delivered on Thursday (doors, arch’s etc).

We haven't heard hide nor hair from our Supervisor this week and only two brief phone calls for the fortnight prior to that. Poor form given HE said he would call Tues, Thurs and his usual Fri update during this week. Cam left him a message on Friday afternoon and mentioned that we are a little disillusioned with his inability to call and let us know what is going on. Just because he had two hand overs this week shouldn't mean every other job is put on hold.

Cabinetry was supposed to be delivered on Friday but to our knowledge it wasn't. I guess that it will be delivered and installed early next week but I wouldn't put any money on that :(

The front of the house still looks like a bomb site. The balcony still hasn't been finished, the garage has roof trusses and nothing else, the ground floor bricks and windows haven't been cleaned, as they were supposed to have been after the scaffold came down. My best guess at this point is that our SS isn't that flash at scheduling trades. Who really knows? It isn't really good enough either way from a building company purporting to be the "BEST" in their current marketing certainly isn't the best from where I'm sitting.

Hopefully this week should get things moving again... Cam's just hoping for a return phone call. We're not holding our least the stairs were a small win this week.



  1. Hey guys
    Stairs look great!
    I know what you mean about M being as slow as a wet week! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end though :-)
    I was appointed my SS on Friday as my job is scheduled to start this Friday. His name is Ron. I'm hoping I don't have the same SS as you guys as he sounds very unreliable and tardy. Are you able to tell my who your SS is? Maybe I can ask that a new SS be appointed to my job if it is the same guy ! ;-)

    1. Jo,
      Good news for you - his name is not Ron. I have heard of Ron, an older SS if it's the same guy and apparently quite good.
      Don't really want to 'name and shame' so to speak, as its not the purpose of our blog. (but maybe if it continues..)
      Best of luck for the end of the month start.

  2. It's always frustrating when supervisors don't stay in touch isn't it? Everything else looks like it is going well - your stairs are lovely and will be stunning when finished!

    1. Anna,
      Sure is. It's now Tuesday afternoon and still waiting for a return call. Starting to think our SS is our customer and I need to do the following up. Not quite, but a 10 minute phone call wouldn't hurt.

  3. Fingers crossed this week brings some more action at your place. The stairs look fantastic! It must be so good not having to go up and down the ladder anymore!! Sometimes I wonder whether they give the SS's too many properties to look after and they can't remember who they have spoken to and when, or if they are just disorganized in general. I asked our CSC awhile ago how many they look after and she said on average 15 at seems like a lot to me.

  4. Mel,
    Yep very happy with the stairs. Also happy that we have had some trades on site this week - nice surprise given we still haven't heard from our SS re well anything.
    Not sure how many jobs he has on - 12 to 14 from memory. I have known of some SS working in new greenfield estates to have 20 plus jobs on. Totally unrealistic in my view - one day a month each at the very best assuming no office time. But it appears we have some progress so as long as it keeps moving in the right direction and with quality I'm happy.


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