Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brick work - Day 5

Well after a solid week of work, the brickie's have done a huge amount of work.  They have had up to 6 guys in the 'gang' so probably about right - but I had no idea what amount of work to expect.  Mike, the guy who owns the business sub-contracted to M - comes across as a very straight shooter.  He gave me his business card and I've spoken with him on the phone a few things during the week.  Didn't ask for this to happen nor did I expect it but none the less great to be informed of their progress.  He has 4 'gangs' working at any one time and does a heap of work for M.

Still a heap of brickwork to be done including the portico, garage, around windows etc to finish up the ground floor.  Hope this is the focus this week heading into Xmas.  Second storey next year I guess.  Would have been nice to have been at lock up this year but the delays we have had with the bricks didn't help much..

A couple of pic at the end of week 1 - bricklaying.
From left front corner

From left rear to street

Outdoor room

Rear right corner

Right from to rear


  1. Yay, the brickwork looks great and is coming along nicely! Happy to hear that it will be mostly, if not all, done by Christmas. Great also that you've got a team with enough pride in their work to give you their contact details. I'm going to suffer withdrawals from blog updates over the Christmas break...bring on mid January!!

  2. It's all looking good, Cam & Kirsten. We feel like we've gone back in time (2 months) and looking at our own build (except for the outdoor room roof covering which we didn't have until 2 weeks ago). Based on the pictures, the brickies have done quite a very good job, too. Well done.
    And yes, bring on January 2012, we also can't wait to get them to start the "fixing" stage for our build.
    A Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous new year ahead of us!!!


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