Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Help needed!

We just received a call from our SS to say that our chosen bricks the Selkirk "Tawny Heritage" (which were our 3rd choice after the first 2 were discontinued) are in short supply and we wont be able to have them delivered until 24 Nov at the earliest!

So our SS wants us to see if there are any other bricks that we like and would be happy to substitute? The only ones from my memory would be the Austral Hawksburn but they will cost us an additional $5k for the whole house! Arghhhhhh. Apparently the Austral Hawthorn that we originally were told were discontinued are also available...

Not sure what to do... should we stay with the bricks at the risk of stalling the build for a minimum of 2 weeks (the brickies are ready to get going next week) OR choose some new bricks which may end up blowing the budget!



  1. That's terrible! Arggghh! We are a bit biased as we love both the Hawthorn and Hawksburn bricks for their colour variation, and were willing to sacrifice other upgrades to get these bricks as we didn't want a flat colour, being a single storey with no other textures to it. We originally wanted Hawthorn but they were discontinued so we chose Hawksburn. Our SS tried to get some delivered out the back before the slab went in but Austral had a 3 week delay so he couldn't get them in time. They're now ready and waiting in the warehouse. Our SS also told us there was a big job of about 130,000 Hawthorn that was cancelled so there have been some available recently too, but we chose to stick to the Hawksburn.

    If your heart is set on the Tawny Heritage you should wait. It would be awful to pay extra for something you're not that keen on. You'll forget the delay once it's been and done, but the bricks will be there forever...

    Good luck with your decision!

  2. What a bugger!

    I agree with Nat, if your heart is set then it's best to wait..

    I know we all hate that awful 'waiting' word!

  3. We agree with both Nat and Jen.

    The one you've chosen the first time is always the best. Although, if you had any doubts or a slight regret, even before this "dilemma" came through, now is your chance to correct that. You may want to revisit your local brick store and compare your choice of bricks side by side again. And also have a look with your choice of mortar colour (white vs off-white). This is your second chance to either correct or reinforce those decisions.

    Good luck! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.

  4. I also agree with all the previous comments. Don't spend more than you want to just to save 2-3 weeks on your build. Only change your bricks if there was something else you really wanted when you made you choices that wasn't available at the time. The bricks make up so much of the look and feel of your finished home its not like choosing the wrong colour paint for a feature wall - not quite so simple to change your mind once you see the finished product. All the best Rachel

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! In the end we gave decided to wait. Well, the decision was made for us as we didn't want to spend more $$ and after a trip to boral and studio m yesterday the other choices we liked weren't in stock either.

    We feel happy with this decision to wait as there is quite a lot that still needs doing prior to bricks in our opinion.


  6. Good decision. The house will be there for a long time and 2 weeks is only a short wait.


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