Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ground Floor Frame is almost up!

There has been heaps going on at our block and as of this afternoon the whole ground floor is almost framed.

The chippies were due to start last Friday but for some reason about being footy players (????) they had a day off and began our house on Monday. Not a big deal seeings as though the timber didn’t arrive until Friday lunchtime. The lil fella, bub and I were lucky enough to be passing by just as the truck was unloading and Lachie was thrilled to see the ‘crane’ in action!

There have been a few issues regarding the supply of electricity to the site. We organised and subsequently had completed the underground electricity pit over 2 months ago and informed M of this. We signed over authority for them to connect power when we signed the final contracts a few months ago too. The electrician who did all the wiring to the meter box etc (that’s another error I’ll go into shortly) or the office at M still not organised for power to actually be connected and now we are waiting for United Energy to connect power to the site (it could take up to 2 weeks).

Luckily for us (but perhaps not our future neighbours) our SS is a man of action and isn’t really interested in going through the office for everything. He organised for a generator (at their cost) to be on site Monday morning so the guys could power their saws, nail guns and most importantly their radio, sandwich cooker and kettle J No holdups there…

Monday morning bright and early the chippies got started and progressively during the week the house is starting to come together.

I have heaps of piccies taken on various days….

The end of Day One and look how far they've come. I was a little timid in taking the photos. I didn't want them to think I was taking photos of the shirtless one ;)
Day Two - the basic frame for the whole downstairs. This is the front of the house (minus the garage on the right)

Lovin' the nice big entry.
This is the study at the front of the house. The Meter box there is the standard one and not the one that we had to pay $500 to upgrade to (apparently a larger one is needed for extra circuitry). We asked the office and they are in the process of getting the right one installed. Lucky we noticed now as the frame and bricks will go around this and the upgraded box is larger and wouldn't fit.
The sitting room and stairs (on right) The Jetmaster gas fire will go in the middle and there will be lovely big windows on either side. Mummy's retreat = no sticky fingers allowed. LOL

Powder Room with two lovely little windows to go either side of the mirror. nice and big!

Adults Lounge and TV area - so much bigger than we remembered

Kitchen (on left) and Dining leading onto Grand Outdoor Room

Kids Rumpus Room

Looking from the back of the block onto the Rumpus and part of the Grand Outdoor Room.

Looking back again... love the wide space of the doors from dining to outdoor room.

From the back sliding doors to the front door. Hello... Hello... Helloooo...Heeelllloooo

This afternoon the boys and I did a driveby again and most of the internal walls, bulkheads, ply etc is in place too. I forgot to take the camera so no photos. Cam was told by SS that they guys should be finished ground floor by tomorrow. We will find out whats next when we speak to him again tomorrow. In the meantime, our invoice for slab stage only arrived today.

Its so exciting to see the makings of our lovely home :)
Kirsten xoxo

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