Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Re-surveyors, QA & Planning Permit Submission

Just a quick general update.

Now that the old house has been demolished M has arranged for the block to be re-surveyed and soil testes to be finalised.  A little bit of duplication on what they have already done but with a house sitting on the block I imagine its difficult to get accurate surveys etc.  Anyway all done now, just waiting on final results.
M has received the relevant documents re the sewer points as to their depth etc.  They are 3.1m below ground level.  The contract detailed additional costs would be incurred if its below 1.5m.  At the time I didn't give it much thought as expected it to be within the contractual range.  Stuffed that up - oh well lets just wait and see what they want to pin us for that.

We were contacted today by our CSC and advised our contract had been reviewed by M's internal QA team - ensure all our variations have made it in the final plans and are realistic etc.  They picked up on a few very small things such as M's door supplier is no longer Corinthian but rather is Hume Doors & Timber (same door but advised different supplier - no big deal but good to see M are being upfront about the change in supplier) and where we want the mirrors within the ensuite and bathrooms were too low to cater for our selected tap ware (again no big deal but good to know up front).  

Also, all our plans have been submitted to the council for the issue of a building permit.  Our CSC tells us all could be finalised and in order for final sign off pre-commencement meeting as early as next week.

A September slab pour seems a realistic target..... the end date is anyones guess.....


  1. Hey Kirsten,

    I'm expecting our sewer depth to be about 3m also as it was for my previous house - it seems to be quite a typical depth for subdivisions in the 50s & 60s. Hope it doesn't cost too much, that and the site cut & slab upgrade costs after the resurvey...I'm guessing yours are provisional costs at this stage also? Has me a little nervous!

    Good luck with getting your site start date in the coming days!

  2. Hi Nat, yep we have quite a few provisional costs which are making us nervous too! We should find that out by early next week... The waiting is killing me!


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