Friday, August 12, 2011

D-DAY has come and gone... the house is no longer!

 Yesterday morning at sparrows, Jim the Demolishers team knocked over our old weatherboard house in less than 2 hours! I know, we couldnt believe it either...

 Cam spoke with our neighbour and she mentioned that they got there at 7:15am and by the time we arrived with the boys to take photos at 9:15am this is what we saw...

The guy operating the big digger was so skilled that he used the massive claw to pick up a single redgum stump and drop it into a different pile. The waste is separated into trees and garden, general waste and bricks.

It's amazing that it only takes a few days to knock over a house but so many months to build a new one. The block looks nice and big too.

When we return from the snow on Monday another driveby is on the cards and hopefully it will be a fully cleared block.

Some more piccies from Cam's phone...


Kirst xoxo


  1. Nice work! Must be exciting to get a feel for your block size. Look forward to seeing the siting of the slab in the not too distant future!

  2. That first photo needs framing for posterity, it is an amazing pic! And will be a nice contrast to all the glamour. I love it!


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