Friday, July 1, 2011

More studio M and colour selections.

The last few weeks have flown by and we have been snowed under trying to get things organised to demolish the old house and get the final Studio M alterations made along with preparing for final contract signing.

First things first. We are still in the process of making corrections on our Studio M selections, especially to the kitchen and wet areas. I just want to make sure that the cabinets are correct and given that we had no internal elevations available at selections we have found it hard to find the right descriptions on the colour schedule. This is slowly being resolved. The last few things that need addressing are the addition of popup chrome plugs (I got that idea at the last minute from Rachel and Sandy… thanks!) and also getting the codes right for all our upgraded tapware.

The other major colour change we are considering is to make our lovely 2340 x 1020 front door another colour to make it pop a bit more. We are thinking of making it bright red but it is hard to see how this would look as the ‘Envisage’ program wont let you choose a bright red colour. This is what the front of the house looks like (well it is the closest fa├žade that I could get to ours) and then the picture below if a mock up I did on paint with a red door. Still not decided!???

Next step… final contract



  1. I love the idea of a contrasting door, but that's a pretty bright red! A great colour, but you have to be sure you won't get sick of it... On the other hand, I am getting into the "old bag" category, so you don't have to take any notice of my opinion!

  2. We have just done our Studio M selections and have also asked for chrome pop up wastes to basins and baths - do you have a price? Two weeks on and we don't have a confirmed price yet (as well as half a dozen other things...). Not looking forward to the contract meeting next week...

  3. Hi Nat & Paul,

    I just had a look at your blog and I really like the look of all your selections. We were going to choose the Hawthorn Series bricks but were told they were discontinued (interesting as we did colour selections about 6 weeks beofre you guys?

    I got your message on our blog. The popup wastes are $80 each. For us that means another $500 or so becuase we have 7 basins/baths all up. They do look nice, I keep telling myself.
    With regard to the final contract. They should be able to email you a copy to look over prior to your meeting. Also dont feel pressured to sign if it isnt right. We were not happy to sign on the day as there were still too many unknowns (and a month on we are still waiting!). They will try to get you to sign handwritten variations and the entire contract. We wanted all the additional variations typed up and answered properly before going anyfurther. This has also meant that we have got a copy of our final contract at home and we ahve had a decent amount of time to look at it properly.

    Often when reading these blogs, there are stories of people who have problems and in some cases it is becuase they didnt read their contracts properly. I would prefer to add a few weeks onto the start to make sure I get what i want and there arent any nasty suprises.

    Oops sorry for the essay! :)
    We are looking forward to seeing your build progress.

    Kirsten (sorry, i tried to post this on your blog but blogger is playing funny buggers and I cant post as!)

  4. Hi Kirsten,

    We were also told the Hawthorn bricks were discontinued, so we chose the Hawksburn which is the replacement brick. Slightly darker but still has the colour variation we like. It was hard to find a house built with it though as it's such a new brick!

    $80 - bit steep, but I hate rubber plugs so I guess I'll concede and get them. I keep saying to myself "long after you forget what you paid, you'll still be enjoying them!"

    We get our contract emailed on Wed, 2 days prior to the meeting. I'm hoping it's correct as getting them to update things takes weeks (as you are experiencing also!). Thanks for your advice, it's good to know others are as hesitant about signing a contract when things are still not finalised. We got our insurance certificate last week, but the insured value is not correct given we've got large sums still unknown. Sigh...can't help thinking the process has been based on builds where everything is standard!


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